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abstract in 400 to 600 words make me spend a lot of time.

Abstracts should be 400 to 600 words in length. Shorter abstracts are unlikely to provide sufficient detail to permit the Committee to evaluate adequately the proposed research. Material beyond the length limit will not be considered. The abstract should not contain a detailed literature review. The reviewers will likely be familiar with the topic of the paper and will require at most a short paragraph of background. The largest part of the abstract should describe the proposed research in as much detail as is necessary. This includes (a) a clear statement of the objective of the paper including, where appropriate, the insight developed or hypothesis being tested; (導かれた考察、検証する仮説が明確にされた論旨が明記されること。)(b) a description of the analytic method employed to develop the paper’s results or test its hypotheses(論文の結論や仮説の検証のために用いられる分析手法が記載されること); (c) a description of the data assembled to support these insights or perform these tests; and (分析に用いられるデータが記載されること)(d) a short explanation as to why the research is novel(新規性を端的に). While the proposed research need not involve empirical methods(研究は経験的手法を用いる必要は必ずしもなく), the conference is seeking scholarship that significantly advances current research or research methods(既存の研究や研究手法を超える学識を求める). If the paper is substantially complete, the abstract should summarize the results. (論文が相応に完成しているのであれば結果のサマリーが含まれるとよい) Further, the author should state whether the paper has already been presented or published in an acceptable venue (e.g. dissertation, working paper, position paper, document in SSRN, or a non-reviewed conference), and, if so, provide details of when and where. If the author DOES NOT wish to have the proposal considered for presentation in the Poster session (see below), the abstract should make that clear. The abstract SHOULD NOT CONTAIN the author’s biographical information.